So the Idaho County Commission isn’t a big enough stage for Jim Chmelik?

The District III commissioner’s decision to make a run for Idaho’s lieutenant governor shouldn’t be a surprise to those who voted the Cottonwood Republican into office, but they have all the right to be dismayed. His views have had generous access to this page, even allowing for the rhetoric to continue after his submissions went well beyond the well-being of Idaho County, an obvious attempt to build name recognition to Republicans statewide.

While we appreciate his belief the editorial page of his community newspaper would garner him notice on the regional watch list of prospective candidates, we would have preferred our local commissioners to view this important county office as an all-encompassing passion; to serve to the best ideals of Idaho County.

Commissioner Chmelik was quoted in the Lewiston Tribune article (Monday, Jan. 23) announcing his candidacy that he would be quite busy campaigning in the coming months. (Busy is an understatement, as he has the daunting task to make his name known through the 44 counties of Idaho.) But, he made special note that “I’ll be in the office Tuesdays at our commissioner meetings.”

Idaho County deserves more.

Based on this intention, taxpayers will be coughing up $442.60 per each Tuesday he answers the roll call. A day-a-week-official is not fair to his district’s constituents, Idaho County or the two remaining commissioners.

Commissioner Jim Chmelik, if you have decided your talents would be better utilized as lieutenant governor, fine. But please allow the local electorate — the taxpayer — opportunity to look for a commissioner willing to serve his full term.


— Andrew J. McNab,

David Rauzi

for the editorial board

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