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Greetings Casey,

Although many were disgusted by your letter [April 22 issue] and ad nobody was surprised. I was wondering when your misinformation campaign about the levy would surface.  Prior to coming here, I researched your previous local newspapers letters to the editor and ads and have a good sense of who you are. In my opinion, you have a record of spreading misinformation for your own personal benefit, but this time you've outdone yourself.

I also believe that most in the MVSD see you for who you are: an anti-tax bully trying to eliminate the levy at the expense of education.  Most clearly see your motivation as evidenced by your past newspaper ads, letters to the editor and your MVSD voting record. Instead of criticizing based on rumor, you might consider looking at all the good things staff, students and parents are doing to better the education in the MVSD.  Other than board meetings, have you ever been in a school? Have you taken the time to understand the hard work of being an educator? You might talk to a few parents, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic, to see if they think being an educator at their kitchen tables is an easy job.

I noticed in your most recent letter and ad, you mentioned wasted money spent.  Even though most of your facts are wrong, I didn’t see any reference to the thousands of district dollars you had a hand in misspending and wasting. Let’s see if I can jog your memory and inform the readers.

What about the district dollars you’ve spent signing up for ISBA training and then not showing up for them? If you show up for these trainings instead of playing hooky, you might just learn something to better yourself as a trustee and not put the district continually at risk. You might also learn what good education looks like. Good education looks nothing like your “nostalgia-amnesia” biased perceptions.

I’m not sure where you got your information, but the next time you consider spewing your “alternate facts” about the levy, you might try reading your budget information from left to right. If you do, you’ll have a much better chance of getting closer to the truth about the levy and the facts about education in the MVSD.

I look forward to our next conversation, whether it be in this forum or in person, to discuss education in our district further. I might remind you and everyone here, that to date, you have not responded to my repeated invitations to sit down and discuss any issues associated with the district with me, personally, since my coming to the district in August. I've had multiple meetings with all other MVSD trustees and we have had many productive conversations. Maybe that’s why my recommendations have been supported by them and there is a clear understanding of my motivation to make the Mountain View School District the best possible place for our communities.

Educationally yours,

Woody Woodford

Acting superintendent

Mountain View School District 244

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