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Dear Syringa Hospital District community members,

The Syringa Hospital Board of Trustees would like to take this time to recognize the outstanding dedication, commitment, and efforts by the physicians, advanced care practitioners and staff to support our communities during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. 

The leadership team of Syringa Hospital implemented patient and visitor protocols to minimize exposure to staff, visitors, and other patients on March 3rd, including a COVID-19 testing protocol under CDC guidelines. This was followed by the setup of an Incident Command structure to facilitate rapid planning and communications to prepare for the possibility of COVID-19 in our community. The Incident Command Team (ICT) has been meeting on a daily basis to address supply challenges and adjusting operations as necessary, for example screening all visitors and employees entering the hospital.

As of April 1, in order to continue to care for their regularly scheduled patients while reducing their risk of exposure to those who are sick, the Grangeville Primary Care Clinic began temporarily operating from two locations.

Syringa is prepared to offer Tele-health services immediately, thanks to a temporary waiver from Medicare and Medicaid during the COVID-19 crisis.

The Syringa Pharmacy is offering pick-up curbside service, assisting patients with the best options available.

Hospital Public Relations staff is coordinating daily with local media to provide testing updates with the number of tests sent out and number returned, and how many patients with other medical needs were triaged.  This information is found online at the Idaho County Free Press.

Employee safety is the hospital’s top priority.  Employees are the greatest asset that Syringa can offer to the communities.  Abner King, CEO, frequently reminds hospital staff to wear personal protective equipment at all times, stay home if they’re sick, and double check as they work to get things right in new situations. 

Syringa Hospital staff genuinely care about your health, the health of our communities, and the health of their employees.  Please let them know of your healthcare needs and their staff will assist you.

As board members and members of the communities, we are in awe of what they do and recognize the sacrifice they are making.

With deep respect and caring,

Laura Smith, board member,

For the members of the Syringa Hospital Board of Trustees

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