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Most of us have had the absolutely heart-wrenching experience of hearing the news that something has gone terribly wrong in the life of someone we dearly love.

Having had that experience in my own life on more than one occasion, my first response has always been disbelief: “This absolutely cannot be true.”

As reality sets in that the unthinkable is, in fact, true, my heart and soul next go toward trying to bargain with God and all other forces in the universe to “please” make it be different or at least let me be the one to bear the burden of the illness, accident, or other harm that has come. 

I bargain that, “I am stronger,” or “they have their whole life ahead of them,” or “I would rather bear their affliction than the pain I am feeling to have them ill.”

When that does not miraculously work to change reality, it is time to totally focus in on the crisis at hand. 

It is time to gather all the most authoritative resources possible, the people, the information and the institutions. 

Thankfully, one of the most critical resources comes forward without even needing to ask. 

That resource is the other people who know about the problem and want to provide support.

Their love comes forward in a multitude of ways – emotional support, their additional knowledge, their kind words, their connections, meals, letters, cards and phone calls. 

That love is critical to how the storm is weathered.

We all are now sharing a heart-wrenching experience. 

The coronavirus was confirmed as a new virus on December 31. January 21 was the first confirmed case in our country. March 13 found Idaho confirming its first case.

This has overtaken our world so suddenly, and many are still in disbelief.

It is a global crisis and the reality is – we each have a role to play in getting through this. 

It is time to totally focus and give our best. 

You may not be an expert on coronavirus. 

You may not be a medical professional. 

You may not be a first responder. 

You are a human being with a heart for other people. 

Please do your best to think of others as you go about your daily life. Follow the rules that are in place with this ever-changing situation. 

It is your personal responsibility and we Idahoans take our personal responsibility very seriously. 

You have it within your power to be a tremendous help in the lives of others. 

Your care, concern, and love are critical to how your family, your community, Idaho, the United States, and our world weathers this storm. 

We are all connected.

I wish you love. I wish you well.

Your support is needed now more than ever
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