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Many in our community are familiar with Animal Ark and Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF), but there may be some confusion as to the mission of each organization. Animal Ark and ARF retain separate 501c3 nonprofit status, donations to both organizations are tax deductible. Both ARF and Animal Ark depend on fund-raisers, grants and donations for funding.

Animal Ark is an all-volunteer group whose mission is to rescue abandoned, abused and unwanted animals, care for their medical needs, spay/neuter, provide foster care until a forever, loving adoptive home is found. In the 32 years Animal Ark has been operating, it has rescued and provided care for approximately 6,000 animals.

Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) was started in 2014 by a group of community-minded citizens focused on building an animal shelter serving all of Idaho County. Animal Ark has been involved and supportive from the beginning. ARF has held several fund-raisers to increase awareness of their mission to build a shelter. However, these fund-raisers do not bring in enough money to start building at this time. Grants, donations and further fund-raising will be needed to secure enough funds to build. The need for an animal shelter is supported by the over 200 animals per year that come into Animal Ark’s care. 

In 2018, an architectural design for building an animal shelter was completed with the help of a grant secured for this purpose by Clearwater Economic Development Association (CEDA), which covered 90 percent of design costs. The ultimate goal is to build a shelter on land near the Grangeville airport, which the City of Grangeville will donate to ARF. ARF is researching the possibility to decrease the estimated cost of building, by scaling down the design square footage and is also researching the possibility of finding a suitable existing site in order to open a shelter sooner, as soon as funding would become available. ARF is also exploring sustainability options to determine the best approach to support the shelter financially.   

Animal Ark fully supports ARFs effort to build an animal shelter. ARF fully supports Animal Ark’s continuing rescue efforts. Both organizations are committed to having a county animal shelter become a reality. Community support is so important. An animal shelter would be a benefit and asset to everyone in our community.

If you would like more information and are considering a donation to either organization, please contact: 

Animal Ark, (on Facebook), 208-983-0366, P.O. Box 412, Grangeville, ID 83530; or Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF);, (on Facebook), P.O. Box 72, Grangeville, ID 83530.

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