Well stated Mr. Rauzi.

While we are away from our true home for a while, I’m pleased to see that what makes this place special is still there. Your editorial last week [Dec. 19 issue] is so true. I took the time to teach our kids about guns when they were young. Then, when in their teens, guns were not ‘mysterious’ or ‘special toys’ that they didn’t really understand. Throughout their teens, a variety of guns were readily available to them, but it was never a problem. They used them from time to time ... responsibly.

They understood that they were responsible for that bullet from the time it left the barrel to the time it came to rest.

I hope that more people will realize that guns are simply tools. And whether it be a hammer or a drill or a gun, it has a place and if not used properly, can cause someone to hurt. Teaching correct handling of any of these tools while the child is young can prevent a variety of truly dangerous accidents when they get older.

Jon Menough

Grand Island, Neb.

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