As one of the people in attendance described it, “It was a nice, peaceful board meeting until Norma came stormin’ up.” She had come to attack my character and ethics, and she did. The trouble is, that it was done with untrue claims. Norma falsely stated that I had paid for an ad to defeat the levy after the board had voted to run the levy. Untrue! The ad was an invite to attend the levy meeting, it said absolutely nothing about defeating the levy, and it came out the week prior to the vote. Norma then falsely claimed that I continued to agitate to defeat the levy. Despite Norma’s exaggerated tale, I never made a peep about the levy after the vote. Following the vote, the board chairman and I sat in his truck, and had a long visit, and I assured him, I would not discuss the levy further. Not another word was said by me concerning the levy! What kind of person smears the ethics and character of another, doing it intentionally, with dishonest information?

Norma then wanted to discuss the campaign material, to which I objected, as it was irrelevant. Norma despises the campaign material as it exposes her, for the person she is. It discusses her delight in attending three pro-abortion/hate Trump rallies, and her support for radicals like Nancy Harris and Paulette Jordan (Google those two doozies). Norma’s campaign motto “Students (kids) first” is quite contradictory in values, after her stated delight, in attending three hard-core abortion marches!

The day after the election, Norma began her character assassination campaign against me, and continues to this day. It’s been a constant barrage of nasty, hateful, and untrue attacks. I wasn’t going to run for the board again, but I was continuously contacted by many individuals, both neighbors, and former coworkers of Norma, encouraging me to run, assuring me that Norma had no business being anywhere near the governing body concerning our children. Norma’s unprofessional, demeaning, completely false character attacks, are one more reason, I believe they were correct.

Casey Smith


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