As a nation of laws, just what is it that makes America unique or special in the world? One thing and one thing only, I believe!

America's specialty stems from our being, to date, the singular nation in all of earth to have been established, first with the deliberate focus and intent of its earliest pilgrims, later reinforced by its political framers, on the supreme importance of the natural, universal, immutable Law of individual liberty. 

This eternal Law has but one, twofold tenet, as it both decrees and guarantees that every human being created is totally free and sovereign, just so long as one does not infringe upon his or her fellow equals.  How more exact and simple could a law be?

But, my friends, there is a monstrous problem:  We Americans today have long since forgotten, and are no longer living - - no longer free to enjoy life fully - -  under this perfect law of liberty (James 1:25).

Need I say that the hour is late?.....that it's time and way past time for each of us to stand tall and work to fight our way back to the kind of life that all good people are meant to live?  As you ponder this invitation and its challenge, realize then that no would-be “authority” has any legitimate power at all to command you to do anything! Cover your face? Wash your hands? Stay six feet apart, etc., etc., etc.?? 

To help decide on that, just remember that true Law does not compel performance; it merely upholds the principle (a principle incumbent upon all) to do no harm.

So again, it's best we turn off some of the television programming, long enough to go seek and compare some alternative sources of information, support, and guidance  -- such sources as are dedicated to truth and to true news.

Carol Asher


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Amen to that Carol

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