I keep a relatively low profile and abstain from political discourse but the latest letter to the editor from Shelley Dumas “Gotcha case against Reclaim Idaho Doesn’t fly” has effectively drawn me out of the woodwork. 

“Would you like to support education?” Simple enough question. One can have a differing opinion of the best way to educate children, but few blatantly hate the shaping and sharpening of growing young minds. That is precisely why when being asked to place your signature on a piece of paper to put an initiative on the ballot, the pitch is “Would you like to support education.” It’s an easy enough sell and people are far too complicit in slapping their signature on that petition without asking for further details and explanation. 

But I’m not writing to debate the initiative, I’m writing to ask Ms. Dumas if her letter was written in ignorance or deceit, in particular her comments about proportionate assessment of earnings. Her specific example would like us all to believe that someone earning $25,000 annually contributes the same as someone earning $250,000 and this is exactly why this initiative needs to pass, so that the higher earner will “fairly” pay more. She was clever enough to masquerade her statement, which was intended to convince the reader the two individuals were contributing the same in taxes, in the context of the two sharing a tax bracket. She even precluded the example with the statement, “This is a simple premise: You make more, you pay more” as if to insinuate the person earning $250,000 isn’t paying more in taxes. But, this is liberal math, common core perhaps, no, no, no, that’s not possible. She received a good old-fashioned education that drew a fraction of what the state now allocates from the general fund to support K-12. The truth is she knows better and so do the libs trying to sell their doctrine of those earning more aren’t paying more than those earning less.

Ms. Dumas, it appears you enjoy stating facts, albeit questionable, so here are a few for you. Idaho does have escalating tax brackets and it does cap out at a marginal rate of 6.92 percent; however, that doesn’t represent the effective tax rate.  Someone earning $25,000 does fall into the marginal rate of 6.92 percent, but is only going to pay an effective rate of 2.48 percent and a total of state income tax of $621. As a fun little FYI their state and federal combined is $3,875.  Now let’s examine that devil earning $250,000.  Again, yes we have a marginal rate of 6.92 percent and an effective rate of 6.48 percent and a grand total of $16,202 in total state income tax. Oh yeah, state and federal combined income tax is $86,940. So, Ms. Dumas, the person earning $250,000 is paying 26 times more in tax than the other earner not to mention a rate of over two and a half times greater. Does that not define your “proportionate assessment of earnings” doctrine? Do you and your “bright young minds” pushing this tax increase proposal really not know this?

The truth is, the dems are expertly aware of the tax code. They know those who earn more pay more. They only suffer from one thing, well many really but let’s focus here, their inexhaustible desire to take absolutely as much as possible from those who have earned it.

So, Ms. Dumas, you’re supporting and perpetuating an initiative drive that wants to make changes to Idaho’s tax code. I can only infer that means you and your bright young minds know the code and understand the changes you’re trying to make. However, your propaganda example isn’t holding water, so I ask you, was it written in ignorance or deceit?

Jason Hollibaugh


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