The Bible, Thomas Jefferson, Deism, and the Constitution.

Mr. Chmelik, your letter [Free Press March 1] talks about Deists believing in God, which might seem like they are equal to your beliefs, but Muslims, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Jews also believe in the God of the Bible. So, is your belief in God the same as theirs? In the book, “Faiths of the Founding Fathers,” by David Holmes, professor of religious studies at the College of William and Mary, says, “For Deists, the principal revelation for Christianity – the Bible – bore every sign of human counterfeiting or alteration; they say the magnificent design of nature as revealing a Creator, or what Thomas Jefferson termed ‘a superattending power;” “In place of the Hebrew God, Deists postulated a distant deity to whom they referred with terms such as ‘The First Cause,’ ‘the Creator of the Universe,’ ‘Nature’s God’, etc…. In the 1323 words of the Declaration of Independence, it speaks of ‘Nature’s God’, 'Creator’, ‘supreme God’, and ‘divine Providence.’” (Deist terms)

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