I appreciate the genuine concern our citizens have for on another. Letters to the editor by Peg Gehring, Poofy Wagner, Lucky Brandt and Commissioner Brandt expressed real concern for the health of our community and the COVID 19 virus. They demonstrate you can support vaccines without supporting vaccine mandates, thank you. Any medical decision should be a choice arrived upon between doctor and patient.

I only wish our hospital boards would be forthcoming with all the information concerning how to treat this virus. Research, data collection, and treatment protocols by doctors such as M.D. Peter McCullolugh, M.D. Ryan Cole, and America’s frontline doctors are having great success in treating patients and calling into question the methods that are being used to attack this virus. Studies are demonstrating natural immunization is better than being vaccinated yet we are still telling people if you had the virus you should still be vaccinated. You can search the web and find this information. Why is this not part of the discussion? Are our community hospital boards not looking into this?

Syringa Board Chairman Leta Strauss hit the nail on the head: “We need to be honest and straightforward, but cautious.” This is a far cry from board member Joe Cladouhos and former Syringa CEO, whom stated, “I do not agree with anyone who says the vaccination is a personal decision.” Given the plethora of adverse side effects and deaths associated with the vaccine, why does Joe Cladouhos think he has the right to make anyone's personal medical decisions for them?

Life is full of risks and personal choices are part the risk to live in a free society. I pray to God we can exercise the responsibilities our freedom gives us while still protecting the most vulnerable within our communities.

Jim Chmelik


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