We can do better than the letter “R”. For too many years, too many Idahoans have methodically and monotonously voted “R” without regard for candidate qualifications or real issues. Relying on a worn-out strategy, the GOP has punched the same buttons in 2020; 2nd Amendment, abortion. Honestly? For 30 years, it’s been the same message: Dems will take your guns and kill your babies. Sigh. Hasn’t happened. Won’t. It’s your choice to own a (legal) gun and have a kid ... or not. As an electorate, I firmly believe we’ve matured beyond these tired premises.

Two of Idaho’s “R” congressmen have earned an “F” on the grading scale of hard work, excellence and effectiveness: To wit:

Russ Fulcher: Despite his pre-election promises he has spent two years of taxpayer money doing nothing. Zero, zilch. He continues the “Party of No” legacy. He voted against: 1.) an aid bill for farmers (reeling from the double whammy of Covid-19 and the trade wars), 2.) the Great American Outdoors Act (funding for the backlog maintenance on Pubic Lands), 3.) the Covid-19 aid package. Check out Fulcher’s no voting record.

Jim Risch. As interim governor (2006) he trashed Idaho public education by cutting the property taxes which had been a stable, consistent funding source for schools. His reward was a senatorial position which, he claims, is the easiest job he’s ever had. Interestingly, Risch is one of the wealthiest U. S. senators. He has done well at the public trough with its lucrative contacts and favoritism. Risch has voted against the interests and welfare of Idahoans. As a Trump confidant, he had early access to information about Covid-19 but chose to downplay the serious threat to our health and economy. Risch voted against the Great American Outdoors Act -- which is very anti-Idaho.

Let’s consider a vote to leave Fulcher and Risch at home and replace them with Rudy Soto and Paulette Jordan who are genuine, grounded Idahoans with the bonus of Native American ethnicity and the genius of caring for and understanding Idahoans, especially those who are currently under-represented. They are well-educated, personable, smart -- with a grass-roots knowledge of Idaho’s working class struggles and potential improvements that could be made in dealing with the economy, education and environment. They will accept the immediate bi-partisan challenges of finding solutions to the jangling problems of Covid-19, climate change, health care gaps, racial injustice, gender inequality unfair taxing.

There’s a lot of fixing to do so lets give Rudy and Paulette the chance to represent us well and proudly.

Shelley Dumas


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