Now we all know why Joe Biden ran such a weird campaign from his basement bunker. The Democrats had a plan to bring Biden across the finish line. The plan was to manufacture by fraudulent actions enough votes to surpass any amount of Trump votes. It was a multi-pronged action; they used a computer system from a foreign country, which was connected to the Internet to allow immediate control of the count in favor of Biden as necessary. Hand counting was also fraudulently abused to alter the count in favor of Biden. In some cases, more votes for Biden were counted than the number of existing voters in the county. Signature verification was abandoned to favor Biden.

Hundreds of eyewitnesses have sworn testimony under penalty of perjury to the improprieties they observed. Now it looks like the Dems have a competition in crime, “Can you top this?” The unpunished Obama, Clinton lawbreakers; the liars in federal agencies, Clapper and Brennan; can’t forget Adam Schiff’s and Jerry Nadler’s lies during numerous news conferences and Senate hearings. Senators Maxine Waters and Booker and Harris were all cheerleading the crooks. Now they complain about Republicans’ attempt to overturn an election, which is exactly what they have been doing the past four years.

Glenn Richey


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