We struggle on! Our 2020 nemesis, Corona, continues its toll, in some areas bad enough that mandatory restrictions have gone back to previous levels. Our local Vandal and Cougar football leagues have thrown in the towel, are hoping to play football next spring! Prediction!

The virus will still be with us then, and the season will be pushed further down the road!

Ridiculous! News reports should headline the death to case ratio, hovering below 1 percent in our state, and around 3 percent nationwide, then stress the chance of an innocent babe ripped from the womb in an abortion, still around 3000-plus a day, thus close to 1 in 6! (Hey! You do the math! These most innocent have a death ratio of 17 percent!). Then we might not be so shook up about the Corona!

What about this stat? Since 1973's Roe vs. Wade, the near 60 million abortions in a population of near 330 million today, tell us that roughly 1 of about  5.5 unborn babes, innocent, helpless, hoping to enjoy life, sunshine, and the love of family, are aborted! All of us alive today should say a thank you prayer that our own mother chose not to abort us!

What about our economy? Over the years, the efforts of our government have shifted from a protective role, to a promotional one. Thus, our leaders have borrowed heavily, using newly printed FIAT money to keep up with the demands of an ever more demanding citizenry!

The result? A $26 trillion national debt, growing incredibly fast! (Google - National Debt Clock) And a current battle over another bailout demanded which will release more trillions of FIAT paper money, fast on the road to worthless! And the gorilla in the room that threatens us! If not a severe depression, then... runaway inflation, with prices rising steadily in the future!

Ronald Reagan advisor, Milton Friedman, called these huge injections of paper money in an economy, "helicopter money," and all that is needed is a wee bit of common sense to know its impact! Low interest rates, exploding debt, a healthy stock market, and..., you guessed it, roaring inflation! Unless, of course, it chooses to go the other way, ugly depression!

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Jake Wren


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