Well, we made it! Perhaps the craziest of years, 2020, has ended! We are still here, looking ahead to another year with all kinds of intriguing possibilities staring at us! Naturally we all hope and maybe pray that the new year will be better than the last, but...only time will tell!

For one, we hear that the January date for officially putting Biden in office may be filled with surprises. Admittedly, you will not find it in the normal news, but other sources tell us there is a possibility that seven states will be sending Republican electors, as well as the Democratic ones that the recent November election said won their states. The reason? Enough fraud claimed, and evidence enough that could even swing the election back to Donald Trump!

No prediction here, but the mounting evidence of fraud should concern every American. Honest elections are the backbone of a country like ours. All of us should be concerned! Genuine evidence of fraud should be rooted out, right now if possible! Elections that have been stolen in the past have historically been associated with socialist, Marxist, and then even Communist takeovers. History is there to tell us that sad story of what has happened before in countries now under Marxist control. It indeed is not pretty!

But history has other lessons to teach for the interested and the informed. Consider the logic found in the book, The Law, written around 1850 by Frederik Bastiat. He argued convincingly that any nation allowing government to take from one person who earned it, then give to one who did not, was guilty of legal plunder! Plunder was his word for theft, and the attached word “legal” meant only that something which is not allowed between individuals, becomes OK somehow if government does it, making it legal. Bastiat argues that such legal theft is small at the start, and hardly noticeable at first, but eventually all the plundered insist on their share of the plunder, so that any nation which allows it is doomed at the end! A person might think about what has been happening in our own country, and what most certainly will continue in the near future the way events have been happening! We might ask: “Is our country in real trouble?”

Jake Wren


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