Big tech is censoring free speech. Big time. That’s a big deal! So, I am quitting Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Alphabet and Google. It is hard to do, especially with cell phones, but it can be done.

I am switching to MeWe and Telegram. I use the search engine Duck Duck Go. There are free versions of these platforms. The /e/ Project offers de-Googled cell phones and is getting good reviews, though the latest, greatest is not available. Up front there may be some costs, but the companies do not sell your information, not track you.

You don’t have to worry about being hungry for fries and have a McDonald’s commercial notification ding your device!

What I do worry about is the government — local, state, and national — use of Facebook and Twitter. We the people, having been chased from the platforms, will no longer be privy to information that needs to be public and widely disseminated. The curtains are being drawn. Open government is being closed.

The government should delete all social media accounts on platforms that do not serve all people. Government regulation of these platform monopolies need tweaking.

A good start would be for each of our county commissioners, state delegation and national delegation to start alternative social media accounts with a plan to quit using any monopoly company platforms that censor people.

This is a good opportunity for print and web-based news, too. Good old-fashioned freedom of the press would be great to see. I have renewed my Idaho County Free Press subscription with high hopes.

Glen Swearingen


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I agree. I did the same 10 years ago as I saw it coming.

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