Communist ideology asserts the state should take care of people. For a government to take care of people, it has to be big, requiring ever increasing control, so citizens must surrender their individual freedoms to gain some communal welfare, or social security. Of course, the quality of services diminishes unequivocally as well with such a paradigm.

Alternatively, capitalists believe the state should be minimal, thus motivating people to take care of themselves. America’s founders determined this selfcare, this self-government with all its exponential growth potential (and liberties) as well as intrinsic risks, to be more dignified and desirable.

Apparently, though, Americans today are waffling on the matter. The real battle in American society today doesn’t lie with a political party or even corruption in leadership. Rather, it lies in reeducating the American people concerning their dignified legacy and work ethic. If the American Dream was for a person to sneak into the country, access free handouts (medical, housing, transportation, legal, groceries, etc.), then relax on the couch with a stimulating welfare check, America would not be where it is today.

History, instead, documents many Americans working hard, sacrificing radically, and enjoying the hard-won fruits of their labor. America can’t be a constitutional republic if its citizens want to be communistic. A constitutional republic requires people to learn, research, verify, and then act, campaigning honorably. Participation is required.

Because evil exists, leaders need lots of accountability, and only leaders continuously soliciting constructive criticism (and possibly some occasional loss of wages) from circumspect citizens are truly commendable. Many immoral shepherds come along feeding on the sheep; seldom do the noble ones arise demonstrating true philanthropy. When they do, they’re apt to get crucified.

David Manley


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