The Free Press last Wednesday carried a letter from the local Democrat whiner, Shelly Dumas, which I found to be both humorous and typically deceiving. Like so many of her past offerings, she uses the usual tired, old Democrat approach to the current choices available to Idahoans.

She suggests that Republicans are using “worn out” issues of fear that Democrats will take our guns and kill our babies. “Worn out;” did anyone watch the Supreme Court hearings? Democrats made so many weak attempts to get the candidate to take positions she did not on what? You guessed it, validity of the Second Amendment and abortion trying to get a woman smarter than all of them put together to say she would repeal Roe v. Wade and every gun law in the land. They want to be sure that attacks on our Second Amendment would not be upheld by her. Then they wanted to get her to say that their blood thirsty murder of the innocent could continue.

Democrat leadership also desires to allow non-citizens to vote in our elections. Reasons to reject any Democrat candidate at any level of our government.

Dumas suggests that this person Soto would represent Idaho citizens better than the current Republican in the House of Representatives. She has no connection with reality. If Soto is elected he will be one more arrow in the disgusting quiver of Nancy Pelosi or she will cut him off at the pockets. He will do exactly what she wants or he will have no committee assignment nor will any legislation with his name attached ever leave a committee. Fact of life in the Democrat cesspool in our House of Representatives.

Then she urges us to put one more Democrat in the U .S. Senate. One more to pack the court, admit Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia to statehood, assuming their debt, corruption and poor Democrat leaders. Her candidate to replace Senator Risch is Paulette Jordon who was a state legislator who wanted to be our governor but could not so now she wants to be our Senator. Can’t make up her mind?

And then, being a true Democrat, Dumas could not resist the ever present Democrat hole card, the race card. Had to point out Jordon’s Native American blood line. I was unaware that her race was a qualification. Given Elizabeth Warren’s attempt to use it, I should have known better. While I respect Jordon’s heritage, I don’t see it making here better qualified than Senator Risch.

Sorry Dumas, you are off base with me and I bet with a lot of other thinking Idahoans.

Al Bolden

White Bird

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