My name is Brandy and I’m here to inform you about a non-profit organization called The Humane League. This organization supports the humane treatment of all factory farm and slaughterhouse animals. We spread the word of the importance of eating organic, local and USDA-approved meat and dairy.

As captain with the Humane League, my goal is to educate communities about the importance of their buying habits. It’s a known fact that animals from factory farms often never see daylight, are victims of concentrated animal feeding operations or rest in manure their whole life. We should stand together with The Humane League for the ethical treatment of factory farm animals.

This includes buying organic—which is a system of raising animals, not just produce, according to federal guidelines. These guidelines include recreating the natural habitat of animals, such as free grazing in a pasture. The USDA and Better Chicken Commitment (BCC) both regulate the breeding and butchering of factory farm animals to minimize the discomfort of these creatures.

Our communities are blessed with the ability to meet these goals easily, so buying local is a straightforward way to perpetuate these practices. I invite you to visit our webpage at or contact me for more information.

Brandy Tharp

captain, The Humane League


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