The predicted “second wave” of Covid-19 has “arrived.” People are starting to panic, in fear that they are getting it. Fear is a powerful thing. One doctor stated early on, “The best prevention for Covid-19 is to turn your TV off.” Can you do this? That is how the fear is being fed into us. Instead of watching TV “news,” we need to be researching what is really going on here.

But, you might respond, people are getting the virus and dying! According the Dr. Judy Mikovits, microbiologist who worked at the Fort Detrick bio-warfare lab, the Covid test is not made to detect a virus and produces 80 percent false positives. Add to this the fact that hospitals are being paid thousands of dollars to label patients as having Covid-19 and to put Covid-19 as cause of death on death certificates. Also, the majority of those “dying of Covid-19” had other life-threatening diseases. So, the sickness and death statistics are worthless.

We are being conditioned to unquestioningly comply with government control. States are starting to “mandate” everyone wear masks in public. These “waves” can be repeated until we all have to wear masks, which will be a sign of our submission. Meanwhile, OSHA guidelines state that cloth and surgical masks don't work to reduce viral transmission but, do deplete the body of oxygen causing adverse health effects.

The first wave already crippled our economic production worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s. Multiple waves, with further business and job shutdowns, will not be survivable economically. How will we pay our bills and feed our families? (I say “we” because we either stand together and for each other or we go down individually.)

The only way to stop this new “health terror”, that I can see, along with prayer and repentance, is to stop Idaho from continuing to implement these U.N. “orders.” Governor Little has shown that he is a willing puppet for our destruction. Let’s get him out of there and get someone in who really cares about the people and won't cave in to special interest advisors.

Jay Maxner


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