It's time for Riggins School District 243 to get back to education and get the pornography material out of the school system. It’s sad what the books contain and, about two months ago, a citizen from Riggins found toy stores and porn on the counselor’s website. It’s alarming when people complain about the word porn on signs in town and praise the porn material in books.

District 243 is failing, along with many of Idaho's public school systems, at giving quality education, and no it’s not all because of the pandemic, ASAT test scores have been dropping at an alarming rate since 2018. The answer is our governor and big education keep throwing more money at the problem, along with the need to sexualize our children. Riggins is a perfect example of spending $19,000 per student a year to be educated. While a charter school in Coeur d'Alene spends $7,500 and is in the top 10 in the state on test scores while Riggins ranks 313th in the state.

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