America First is essential to good government. Bifurcating our political system into minorities gives rise to conflict, condescension and ultimately the collapse of representative government. We, as a majority, have a moral legitimacy to safeguard our nation. The authority to maintain our interests as a nation with a history and tradition based on our common bonds. To call into question our people through Critical Race Theory and the focus on minority interests and guilt is deleterious to our sovereignty. The proposition of our founding fathers gave us a foundation of freedom.

Forward, we must support Lt Gov. Janice McGeachin for governor and Priscilla Giddings for Lt. governor. The citizens of Idaho state are the stakeholders for our future, not the RNC nor the GOP. We have the responsibility to have those who represent Idaho support the Constitution and our citizens under God. We need to save America under the America First Party. Our party system is no longer relevant. We need a nation that represents all of our people and not parties that divide us. Division is a strategy, and we need to avoid this. Unity of mission and purpose is of utmost importance. Stand firm and strong.

God bless America!

Alfred Holden

White Bird

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