If you watched the Vice Presidential debate Tuesday, you heard Democratic nominee Kamala Harris vigorously debate the deaths of over 210,000 Americans from a virus that no one (medical and scientific personnel) had ever heard of before, nor did anyone have expertise on how to treat it back in February. It has been a learning curve for all.

Yet, where is the Democratic outcry for the 876,000 healthy babies that were aborted in 2018—those were American lives too! Who cries for them?

Since the splintered Supreme Court decision of 1973 inserted a “right” to end life into the Constitution, 61,628,584 babies have been aborted. That is nothing less than pure genocide!

To my black American family and friends, if black lives truly matter, you should be morally enraged that black America is the biggest victim of abortion today, accounting for 32.1 percent of “all deaths by abortion,” and, 61.1 percent of all African American deaths.

There are so many other ways to avoid pregnancy than using abortion as a means for birth control. But, if a woman truly doesn’t want to be a mother, she can at least recognize that her “pregnancy disease” will only last nine months, after which time she can give the child up for adoption. There are plenty of folks willing to adopt children.

Think about these babies whose lives have been silenced when you vote Nov. 3rd.

Cindy Webb


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