I am writing in response to last week’s letter to the editor by the Idaho County Democrats who say they are just like me. I agree that we are all created by the same God Who loves us and gives us free will to love Him back and follow the teachings of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Now this is where we have disagreements on how to use our free will to love Him back. In order to say, “We are like you”, we will have to agree that all of us are created in the womb and deserve the same rights of all people--Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. If you do not agree with me on this, then you are not like me. If you agree with me, you will join me in supporting political platforms that promote the sanctity of life. The Democratic platform insists on promoting the intrinsic evil of abortion and euthanasia. The platform also calls for same sex marriage and promotion of sexual identities that are not aligned with Christian teachings. As children of God, we are called to respect the dignity of each human individual and promote ideals that follow the teachings of Christ. Until the democratic platform turns away from promoting intrinsic evil, you are not like me.

We might agree or disagree on prudential judgements such as immigration, taxes, gun ownership, environmental policies etc…, but I believe we can debate these judgements in a manner that would be consistent to teachings of Christ. Some would say that if I support a wall on the southern border, I would be against the teaching of Christ. My reply is that we need to secure the borders the best we can and if a wall is an instrument to reduce or stop people bringing young boys and girls over to be used by those who participate in the sex trade – then I am absolutely for the wall. If we can reduce or stop the flow of drugs and gangs by having a wall, then absolutely I am for the wall. I believe in safe and legitimate immigration policies that ensure our safety and the safety of our new citizens.

I can go on and on where we can come to agreement about ending wars and having countries pay their own fair share for peace, but I doubt I would have enough space to cover everything. We are American citizens who want peace and work to end racism and other injustices, but until you work to protect the innocent child in the womb, you are not like me.

Joe Rehder


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I agree. Good points!

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