In response to Ms. Dumas’ letter of 7-14-21, she alleges that our current republican legislators have been heedless of public concerns with regard to funding of our public schools. She clearly feels that Giddings, Shepherd and Crabtree are not carrying out their duties pertaining to education. Ms. Dumas does not, however, offer any solutions to remedy this situation or suggestions as to which pro-education activists she is referring to. Some of the wording in her article are indicative of her mindset.

According to Webster, when you used the word “pseudo” you were describing your very own blue Democratic party — fake, pretentious, insincere, spurious, phony, not genuine, etc. Then you stated we need to “elect pro-education activists.” The word activists brings to mind groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter Marxists that have been destroying our country, and let’s not forget Hilary Clinton’s mentor, Robert Byrd, leader of the Ku Klux Klan, activist. Are these the type of activists you were referring to? The pro-education activists that are indoctrinating our kids with their critical race theory crap. No thank you Ms. Dumas. I’ll take Giddings, Shepherd and maybe Crabtree any day over your alternatives.

Mary Ann Blees


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