State Representative from North Idaho (Dist. 1), Heather Scott, held a public meeting in Kooskia Thursday (Aug. 27). Reporting on the Special Legislative Session, she gave us the good news that Priscilla Giddings (Dist. 7) was able to get a bill passed guaranteeing all Idahoans the right to in-person voting. There is a nationwide movement to all mail-in voting so, hopefully, the governor won't veto the bill. The house also passed a bill to end the state of emergency, which would have been very good news for the many small business owners, their families and employees who have been shut down. Unfortunately, the senate voted unanimously against the bill and to keep the “emergency” going.

To those 35 senators, and especially Dan Johnson (Dist. 6) and Carl Crabtree (Dist. 7), why would you vote to continue to economically crush your fellow Idahoans? Is it that you believe the lie that their work is “non-essential?” Or, is it that you have an allegiance to those big business and special interest lobbyists and campaign donors (who are benefiting from this economic devastation), instead of the constituents that you supposedly represent and who put you in office?

These so-called “non-essential” business owners and employees have bills to pay and families to feed. People’s lives are being destroyed by the governor's illegal proclamations. Now, when you had an opportunity to save those who may have still been able to survive, you have given your support to this tyranny. Their loss, suffering and destruction is now on your heads, too. I can't imagine what could cause you to be so heartless and act so contrary to your oath of office. We have not even seen how severely the economic and social consequences of these actions will be.

When the bankruptcy, foreclosure, homelessness and suicide rates skyrocket, realize that you have had a hand in making it happen. You need to be replaced by others unwilling to throw their constituents under the bus for whatever personal benefits they might receive by siding with the enemies amongst us, whose purpose is to steal, kill and destroy.

Jay Maxner


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