My Uncle Bob was a lifelong Republican and active in local politics. He stood for the old values of local government, limited federal government, fiscal responsibility and common sense. My dad was a FDR Democrat, which made for some lively discussion, when after a Sunday dinner, the men gathered in Uncle Mike’s shop to talk about farming, politics, and check the liquid level of certain containers.

Bob was a veteran and served in the U.S. Marine at Hawaii on Dec. 7.1941. He was the Republican voice for our family and our hero for his service in WW II.

What would have Uncle Bob thought when we elected the world’s greatest con artist and greatest genius ever to the office of President of the United States of America and started the greatest scam the world has ever seen?

When after four years of scam, lies, bullying, and division, he could run again and come too close to reelection; then to be the direct cause of what happened at our Capitol on Jan. 6.

What would he have thought of those who think they need to carry a firearm or some kind of weapon to a public meeting, demonstration or on the street to intimidate our citizens?

What would he have thought about those who deny covid and oppose such a commonsense and easy thing as using a face cover that may help with covid virus? If mask and social distancing only prevented five percent of cases, wouldn’t it be worth it?

I know he would say a sincere thank you to the nurses, doctors, first responders, grocery workers, and all the others who cannot work from home who put themselves at risk every day.

Uncle Bob would probably say, “It sure as heck is hard to be a Republican these days.”

Ted Wilkins


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