Yesterday I gave notice at work because I refuse to follow a new mask mandate the USPS is now instituting. I have worked this job for five and a half years and never took a sick day. However, when the world has gone topsy turvy and you are told to either wear the mask or else...this is no longer has become something the Third Reich would be proud of. Even more revealing is that if you lose or quit your job because you refuse to wear a mask, you cannot draw unemployment because you failed to follow the rules.

I had people say "It's just a mask, it won't last much longer, etc.” I chose to leave because it isn't just a mask, it isn't going to be just a little longer and I am sure the SS officers tried for their crimes were just 'doing their job or following orders'. I am sure the Jews being marched onto the trains to Auschwitz, Sobibor or other internment camps also were being told it was for their own good and it would be over in a few months. I have been honored to be a part of a family that has seen this tyrannical force before, not once, but many times. I was taught to think for myself and not go along to get along. I have always thought 'outside' the box and to many that makes me a 'nutter.' I am happy being on the side of freedom, standing for what is right.

When will it be time for the rest of you to draw your line in the sand? When will you decide to stand against this ridiculousness and take your country back…your lives back? I plead with my fellow Idahoans to see what is coming. Put down the blinders and see. We are the last bastion of freedom...we are all that is left...I call Native American warriors to stand up against what is happening too...make your voices heard. In the words of Robert Frost...I chose the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.

Geneve Bean-Allen

former postal dispatch driver

holistic nutritionist/naturopath


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It must be a local policy for USPS workers to wear a mask. Then again it might also depend on where you work in the local facility. With all the germs that goes through the mail I wold wear a mask even if there was no Covid-19 running around. Things like anthrax and the plague could be passing through those workers hands every day. I don't think carriers should have to wear masks unless they are doing home deliveries and then just to protect themselves from contracting some cooties. Good luck with that commitment. We all live and die by what we believe. Godspeed.


I'm sure Idaho County has lots of better jobs waiting for you.

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