If those who are managing this “pandemic” are so concerned about our health, why are they actively keeping promising treatments for “Covid” from us? There are plenty of doctors out there who are having great success in treating patients with “Covid.” Why are they being ignored and censored? Instead of sharing all these treatments and saving lives, we are being told that the only answer is a fast-tracked vaccine. This reeks of a serious conflict of interest, at the very least.

Dr. Brownstein, of Detroit, has treated 107 “Covid” patients, in a clinical study, with 100 percent success. He administers vitamins A, C and D and a simple nebulized hydrogen peroxide and iodine solution. This study was published in July. You can watch him being interviewed by Dr. Mercola (go to mercola.com and search for Dr. Brownstein). There is also a video on how to prepare and use the peroxide solution and a link to the study. Dr. Mercola also recommends taking quercetin and zinc.

Dr. Bartlett, a Texas M.D. for 28 years, a medical expert for a CBS affiliate in west Texas, has been using an inhaled steroid often used by asthma patients called Budesonide, administered through a nebulizer, for his “Covid” patients. The protocol has proven to be 100 percent effective. He also uses the antibiotic clarithromycin to combat secondary bacterial pneumonia and he also prescribes zinc, “because it interferes with virus multiplication.” His July 2nd interview has been taken down by YouTube “for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.”

On July 3rd, the New York Post cites “A new study has found that the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine helped COVID-19 patients better survive in the hospital.” On Aug. 7, PJMedia states “There’s a Mountain of Evidence That Hydroxychloroquine is an Effective Treatment for COVID-19.” However, a search of the drug brings up mostly results saying it is not effective. Why all the misdirection on the part of the media and medical websites? Trying to get us to hold out for the magic bullet vaccine? More on the vaccine later. In the meantime, prepare to be able to take care of yourselves.

Jay Maxner


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