The incumbents’ decisions/disrespect toward teachers, parents and, worst of all, the students have cost the school district greatly. Smith and Dominguez claim to be conservative with our money, yet they’ve burdened the district by wasting more than $300,000 in bad decisions over the last year. They have created a hostile environment in board meetings where public input is not valued nor welcomed and on more than one occasion, public input has been threatened to shut down.

-The board recently wasted approximately $50,000 by voting to extend the previous superintendent position, then fire him within his extended contract.

-The termination of the previous GEMS principal was a wise decision, but then they hired her back at approximately $64,000/yr for a newly created and unnecessary position. Another terrible decision and huge waste of money.

-A $100,000 line expense increase was approved for the 2019-2020 school district budget to pay for their defense of incompetent and illegal decisions.

-The teachers 2018-2019 proposal would’ve fixed the salary schedule issue and saved the district $100,000, yet the board insisted on paying the board members proposed higher schedule amount and not fix the problem.

-Don’t forget who was on the board during the decision to terminate Vinnie Martinez “because he spoke out at a board meeting.” Regardless of Dominguez’ claim to withhold from voting on this topic, his job is to represent the best interest of the student’s education for his zone, not protect his or other board member’s egos. Vinnie had good evaluations and ultimately the decision to fire Vinnie has been a huge waste of money.

- Wasteful spending and terrible decisions have been the norm with these incumbents in office. When I go to board meetings all I hear from Smith is calling employees and the public names, such as the “Edwards Clown Show,” “freeloaders and deadbeats,” or telling people they are “naïve or stupid.” It’s all on video.

Make Mountain View School Board great again.

Vote for Norma Staaf and Pam Reidlen.

Cody Edwards


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