I recently saw a comment from Cherylyn Kerley [Oct. 23 issue] asking why would we want someone with opposing world views in charge of our school? Here is why: As much as you don't like it, someday the children of today's Idaho County are going to grow up and move. Hopefully they'll go to college or some form of higher education. Maybe to Moscow, maybe to Seattle, or maybe to another country. You are doing them a disservice by trying to exclusively only expose them to one world view.

Whether you like it or not, a large portion of the U.S. is not conservative, and our children will be woefully undereducated on how to deal with opposing world views. It's fearful and silly to assume that someone with a differing political party or belief system isn't going to have your child's best interest at heart. Political parties shouldn't even be involved in our local school district issues, yet that keeps getting drug in. Vote for the candidate who shows genuine skill and determination in improving our school district, not who thinks the most like you.

Are you afraid that our children will gain experience and wisdom through exposure to differing world views or are you scared they won't think exactly like you for the rest of their lives?

Chelsea Welter


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