Speaking of "facts" about global warming, look at the cartoon, page 2F of the Tribune of Nov. 10! A picture of 100-plus cartoon people has two captions in black inserted in it. The top one reads: "Irony on the day that 11,258 scientists declared a global climate emergency...", while at the bottom in a similar insert, we read: "... while one narcissistic nincompoop pulled the USA out of the Paris Climate Deal."

Who is the "narcissistic nincompoop" pictured? President Donald Trump, with a distorted face, a red tie dragging the ground, hands in the air, yelling "It's a hoax!" Well, congrats to the Tribune for another "fair and balanced" discussion of the issue!

Why, may I ask, have they never mentioned the "Global Warming Petition Project" linked to officials at the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, which lists by state 31,487 scientists, 9,029 with PhDs? The petition reads "We urge the U.S. government to reject the global warming agreement written in Kyoto, Dec. 1997...proposing limits on greenhouse gasses..." The petition goes on to say: "There is no convincing scientific evidence...that such gases...cause catastrophic heating..." The actual site with the lists of the names by state can be located by a Safari search: www.oism.org. Other search engines used in the past would give the same, but difficult, if not impossible, to use today! Maybe censored?

Anyway, I say: Hurray for Pres. Trump!...and boo! to the claimed "unbiased" press we are exposed to daily!

Jake Wren


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