Dear Mr. Casey Smith,

Today I received your letter attempting to throw some mud at Norma Staaf. I say attempting, because I do not know her or yourself personally. I do have to say though, that after reading through your letter and having paid attention to your public actions over the recent year or two, I have to say I am mightily concerned for your health. I can feel your anxiety and fear of a "liberal" woman seeping out of the letter and your behavior.

I know myself, as someone who has suffered from anxiety, that it can make you act in ways that are not normal, such as running a smear campaign against an opponent. I strongly recommend consulting some of our local mental health resources to help with that issue, as I know they're very professional and helpful. I wish you the best in that! So that aside, please keep your political views and party out of the school board. It's very sad that you've chosen to run on such a platform, given that most parents are concerned with their children receiving the best education, not who is the best Republican. Please save your political tactics for an actual political race, not for something concerning our local children, teachers, and educational support staff.

I suspect that while a limited few may feed off your mudslinging, the rest of us have enough sense to be both disgusted by it and amused by it. That is not the kind of behavior I want any child in Idaho County to see or look up to from a leader.

Chelsea Welter


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