Over the last year, the MVSD board members and some district staff have been the subject of an onslaught of untruths, misrepresentations, character assassinations, embezzlement charges and very intentional personal hurtful insults. There have been votes of no confidence, frivolous lawsuits and multiple calls for staff firing and trustee recalls. Way too many false accusations to cover in one letter.

I know from personal experience and visiting with other board members, many people are frustrated that the board has not responded to such harmful and hateful actions. We continue to ignore such things because we have been encouraged by multiple other elected officials to simply stay the high road and do our jobs.

A letter in a recent paper, however, has pushed the false narrative a bit too far to ignore. A letter by Bill Chambers for an unknown reason has singled me out for a smear job. In reference to a recent school board meeting, Chambers made the following claims:

Says that in response to crowd applause, I threatened to shut down the meeting. That is totally and absolutely false! I never said a word during the public input session.

Says that in response to remarks made by Martha Smith and Dakota Gorges that I disrespected them by covering my eyes or looking away. What a childish, nitpicking accusation. So now I can’t remove my glasses, rub my eyes or look around the room? Definitely scraping the bottom of the barrel to discredit me.

Actually, it was very much the opposite. When they finished, I sat there looking at them both thinking how much courage it took to get up in front of a large crowd and talk and what an excellent job they both did. I had no problem whatsoever with what they said. Their promise was nothing I disagreed with. I had no reason to be disrespectful.

As I am friends with some of the parents of each girl, I’m angered beyond limits that such a ridiculous claim was made about me dishonoring their daughters.

Chambers owes Dakota and Martha an apology for involving them in his childish charade. Shame on him for using these girls in his unprovoked attack on me.

Casey Smith

Zone 2


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