In the Oct. 10 issue of the Star News was an article stating that climate change is a hoax. I am 79 years old, and these are a few of the things I have observed in 79 years living here in New Meadows, Idaho.

45 years ago, we usually got four feet or more snow. We usually had a cold snap of four or five days with 20-below-zero temperatures, give or take a little. We have had neither one of these in recent years.

We also had water in the creeks. Next time, you people who think climate change is not real, drive to New Meadows and take a hard look at Goose Creek; right there, at the bottom of the hill where it is, right along the highway, and take note of how much water is not there. 45 years ago, all those bare rocks sticking out were covered with water, year-round. This was also the case with all streams in the immediate area, and when our water disappears, climate change will take place big time and you will not be able to stop it.

Again, 45 years ago, all-natural rockslides over 6,000 feet in elevation had a colony or two of a cute animal called a pika. They have all disappeared -- reason being they cannot take temperatures over 70 degrees for any length of time.

Yes, climate change is very real and will get worse if something is not done quickly.

Leonard Wallace

New Meadows

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