I just wanted to make folks aware of a great thing that happened this past weekend to our small town.

Syringa Hospital and the EMT Association brought over 300 attendees to our town to eat, sleep, shop and learn new techniques to “fix” us citizens when we break down.

They learned new and cutting-edge information about how to make repairs to us when we need fixing out in the world. That alone is a great thing our EMT Association has done for us here in Grangeville, but on the business side, it is equally beneficial to the financial “health” of our businesses here! For example, in our hotel business, winters are always slim pickings, but all this snow this February really cut back the limited lodging sales of a normal year. So, when Syringa Hospital and our EMT Association brought 300 people to eat, sleep and shop here over a weekend, it’s a real nice “shot in the arm”!

Doing my own math (conservatively using $175.00 per person spent over the two days), I figure that amounts to about $50,000 that was left in Grangeville this past weekend! Left here to pay for product and pay labor. Those wages came from other towns and boosted our overall “sales” here in Grangeville! (Not just trading dollars).

I want to say thank you to Bill Spencer and all the EMT Association for the hard work they put in to make this happen…it takes a lot of time and planning to make this event the success that it is!

From the comments we heard at our front desks: “This is a great and ‘enjoyable’ learning experience in a small town with great places to eat and drink”.  “We love coming here every year, see ya next year”.

Ted Lindsley

Super 8 Hotel, Gateway Inn

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