Mountain View School District is filled with highly dedicated teachers, principals and staff who are willing to selflessly put aside their own interests every day to better our students’ lives.

Being a teacher is a unique profession where work without pay has become an expectation. The MVSD schools are full of teachers and staff members who are there well before their paid start time and well beyond their paid end time. It is quite normal for an MVSD teacher, principal or staff member to voluntarily work through their paid lunch to help kids who need extra support, hold kids accountable for inappropriate behavior, voluntarily hold an enrichment activity, or eat lunch with kids as a reward for good behavior and hard work.

Being an educator includes weekly staff, department, and grade-level meetings, documenting students’ growth, learning, and behavior, grading papers, keeping in contact with parents, planning individualized education plans for students with special needs, and more. All of these additional tasks need to occur outside of the regular school day, making it nearly impossible for teachers to plan effective lessons during the work week. This leaves most teachers giving up many hours with their own children and families on weekends to grade papers and plan next week’s lessons.

Summer “vacations” are filled with unpaid duties such as taking 20-30 hours to move classrooms, going to trainings. Teachers often pay out of their own pockets to attend mandated events or trainings.

Why would somebody choose to stay in a profession working hundreds of hours beyond the contracted time without pay? I believe that it might be because they want to willingly give of themselves to make their community a better place. They understand that they play a significant role in the lives of kids and in the future of their communities. They know that the quality of their work directly impacts the health of their community.

Please join me in expressing gratitude for the infinite amount of heart our school staff put towards our kids and families to help make Grangeville the great community that we all enjoy.

Ryan Dent


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