Baloney is always baloney, no matter how thin some people try to slice it. Your Thanksgiving edition printed a deliberately misleading glob from the Republican speaker of the house, majority caucus leader, majority leader and assistant majority claiming the recently passed Idaho Medicaid expansion is throwing thousands off insurance. It might not be an out and out lie. Perhaps there may be two thousand in the whole state that will lose their insurance because some employers will see a way to save money for themselves by no longer providing marginal group plans for employees. But those rich enough to be paying their own insurance can still buy all the insurance they want. And Medicaid will cover everyone up to 138 percent of the poverty level who can’t. That ought to provide far better even for the very two thousand the Republicans bemoan.

The sad reality is that deductibles on medical insurance policies provided by employers (unless lavishly funded by huge companies like Amazon or Boeing or Microsoft, to name a few, in the horrible Democrat stronghold of Seattle) usually run several thousand dollars, so high as to make the coverage illusory and practically worthless. Of all areas in Idaho, Grangeville is one that should be rejoicing at the Medicaid coverage that is finally being made available. People will dare seek help at Syringa Hospital when they get sick instead of trying to “stick it out” and finally going there only to die after being told they came too late to be helped. Your paper has made it known that the good managers of Syringa have long been worrying about remaining solvent because they are forced to write off as uncollectible 37 percent of the hospital’s monthly billings for services to patients with neither insurance nor means to pay. With Medicaid, people will live longer and better and the hospital will also fare better. And a lot fewer people will be dunned into bankruptcy for the bills supposedly written off by the hospital, but assigned to bill collectors. See the situation for the great improvement for the good of all that it really is.

The writers of the blurb should rather have been pleased to write that so many they serve will benefit so greatly.

Jay Nuxoll

Bellevue, Wash.

Former Grangeville resident

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