On Saturday 29th, the Idaho GOP voted to continue their anti-peace agenda. They are not interested in bringing our troops home. They also voted to maintain their anti-marijuana position and continue putting non-violent offenders in for-profit private prisons. Essentially, the Idaho GOP has voted to continue killing and imprisoning young Idahoans for the profits of a few. They also voted for a chair that supports the privatization and unfettered exploitation of Idaho’s public lands.

I feel the values of Idaho’s GOP leadership are not Idaho’s values.

By the same token, Idaho Democrats continue to support “reasonable gun control”, mandatory vaccines, and centralized management of Idaho’s healthcare through the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion, making us dependent on uncaring insurance companies and a failing federal government that is spending its way into bankruptcy. The Democrat presidential debates have further highlighted that their front-runners are all in favor of continuing the Forever Wars, and are even likely to get us ever deeper into the quagmire of imperialism. Again, I feel the values of the Democratic Party are not Idaho’s values.

Idaho is in desperate need of a party that does represent our values and gives their candidates the flexibility to disagree on the details, while still honoring what we all value.

To this end, since both the Democrats and Republicans have refused to stand for our values, for the people of Idaho, and our children, I encourage Idahoans to run as and support third-party or independent candidates on the values of: peace in our time, bodily autonomy, health freedom, drug decriminalization, justice reform, food freedom, right to self-defense and the defense of others, government transparency, right to petition in the absence of responsible governance and multiple use access to public lands and their management in perpetuity for future generations.

It is time that Idaho stopped settling for the lesser of two evils and choose freedom and independence for the greater good of our state. #BringOurTroopsHome #LegalizeIdaho #RememberBunkerHill #LibertyANDJustice4All.

Joseph Evans

Army veteran


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Two Wings Of The Same Dragon: | Fire Breathing Christian You need to put down whatever GOP supplied crack pipe you may have been regularly smoking and/or put down the Republican/Democrat, Left/Right paradigm tinted glasses you’ve been viewing the world through and just take a sec to look at the real world as it actually is. Oh sure, it’s a hard first minute or two, what with your whole worldview likely to be rocked to its core as you come to realize that you’ve been embarassingly duped, played like a cheap violin, and spun like a top for years (likely decades for many of you) by your favorite talk show hosts, politicians, entertainers, and even many of your favorite pastors, but that’s how detox works. Scott Buss

Barry Hirsh

There is only one legitimate ideology that fulfills the scope of our national ethos - that of originalism. No government at any level has the legitimate power to vary from the literal text and original meaning and intent of each provision of the U.S. Constitution at the times they were ratified. Not one whit. Unfortunately, as the Founders and Framers recognized, the impetus of human nature absent persistent adherence to morality and respect for our Creator God is to become corrupted. They all said that. ALL of them. And they were right.

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