It is clear that Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) are a super valuable commodity. There are few of them compared to the demand, that demand being overlooked daily, until crisis hits.

Their expertise in anatomy, physiology, medical emergencies and trauma is only part of their value. They are also knowledgeable in home, work and transportation safety. In addition, they know best how to administer crisis response systems. This is learned through the Incident Command System (ICS) training.

So, let’s not micro-manage the EMTs and ambulance organizations of our region. Let’s respect their input. Let’s not re-invent the wheel. If it’s not broke let’s not fix it. Clichés, yes. Wise, yes.

While the police, fire and medical need to work together, it should not be at one’s expense. Let them have some autonomy. Let them use funds dedicated for their purpose for that purpose.

I am getting old and I need competent ambulance service, which is probably better recognized by an EMT rather than a bureaucrat.

Glen S. Swearingen


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