I applaud the school board for standing firm on their conviction that the fiscal path MVSD 244 is on is unsustainable. To me, it means they have a deeper understanding of their mandate to ensure the district is financially viable now and in the future. It takes guts to take the heat they are taking.

I feel disappointment with the union for wanting to continue on this fiscal path. The union contract proposal on Monday night asked for increases in wages and benefits. My impression is the union feels the board is there to rubber stamp the union request, even though the last levy passed by 1 percent. I feel the unions tenet is more money and benefits for teachers equals better education. I reject that tenet.

I believe we should live within our means. I am willing to support a $2.6 million levy. I cannot support a basic tenet that asks for more salary and benefits knowing full well it will be an increased burden on the taxpayer.

I am voting no on the levy because I do not feel the union supports a reasonable stance. The union will blame the school board if the levy fails, I have heard it said in board meetings by teachers. That doesn't sound like a union that is working for the good of the students, just the teachers. How about we teach our children that living within our means requires difficult choices, but is worth it.

Chris Roach


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