At Monday’s night’s school board meeting, I saw anguish, sadness and honest soul searching on the faces of each of our school board members as they wrestled with trying to come up with a compromise that would satisfy the teachers and how raising the levy amount could have a negative financial impact on local small business, ranchers, farmers and a lot of retired homeowners.

During the public input session, one educator asked the board members if any of them had any teaching experience or degrees in this field. Was this line of questioning meant to ridicule or diminish the board’s ability to carry out their duties? The public would be better served had she asked the board members how many of them had their health insurance covered 100 percent by their employer or how many of them have 11.94 percent of their salary added to their PERSI retirement account by their employer or get 10 paid sick days annually or work 188 days a year. Another educator, clearly angered by Casey Smith’s article, started lashing out at Mr. Smith and then turned on the other board members in an attempt to get Casey Smith removed from the school board. Clearly this educator was not aware that Casey Smith was duly elected by the citizens of his district to serve on this board.

Earlier this year CIEA filed a lawsuit against the school board and now they issued a Vote of No Confidence on the MVSD Board of Trustees. Wow, nothing like biting off the hand that feeds you.

Mary Ann Blees


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