Norma and I have been professional colleagues and friends for 19 years. In that time, I have seen her conduct some quite contentious public meetings with good results. Did everyone get what they wanted? No. But generally speaking, everyone went away feeling as if they were heard, informed, and had an avenue to be heard. Perhaps even a bit of trust was formed.

More importantly, she has known my children since they've been in diapers and now are in the Clearwater Valley school system. She has attended many of the school events, from music, to knowledge bowls, to sports and she wants to see things go well for all the kids in the district. As part of being an active member of the community prior to running for the position, she has been talking to many people about what their educational concerns are. She attended Elk City Days, the Idaho County Fair, and community events in Clearwater and Harpster. All to listen. She is aware of the background issues that are driving the current school situations.

My family has lived in the Clearwater Valley for generations; my wife and I returned here to raise our kids, because Idaho County is where we want to live. I graduated from Clearwater Valley schools and obtained college and graduate degrees; this school system made that possible. What I would hope everyone agrees on is the end result of any school board position: a quality educational system.

Are there a lot of difficult issues? Of course. Do your own research, but after nearly two decades of working with and knowing Norma, I strongly believe she will plow through the issues after listening, openly weighing the facts, and will come through for our children. That is important. Think about it.

Doug Graves


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