Discourse depends upon the faculty of reason through the disciplined study of logic, the desired quality in students through education. Society muddled in non-logic is destined to decline. Current ideologies deny freedom and independence, where the importance, meaning and existence of our reality vanishes amidst chatter, gossip, rumor and wild speculation; where fear is the means of assessing truth.

Superstition is making a resurgence. We wander in a sea of mental incapacity and wandering thought. Politics is irrational and runs viral as we sink into the depths of hate and public vitriol where all of our servants are bent on serving masters of real and projected inner fears.

We need to pull together and step up to this madhouse with its dispensations and become the stewards of our social order. Support our community at the local level, and not at the state/federal /international one.

Alfred Holden

White Bird

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