Dear board of trustees: It was a tiny, tiny start at Monday’s negotiation meeting. So tiny that it almost felt like you handed the representatives of the Central Idaho Education Association (CIEA) and the community a miniature thimble of food when we were starving. Or a popped tire was handed over when we paid for a new, shiny tire.

You set up a negotiation meeting and then sent your two greenest members, which by your own bylaws wasn’t a quorum. It was obvious the school board had no intention of negotiating with the CIEA.

Please set dates for future meetings! Be prepared to negotiate with back and forth dialogue and conversations. We expect professionals to come prepared. The CIEA looked very prepared.

Please regroup and come to the table and do the job that you were elected to perform. I understand your time is valuable. Our teachers, community and most importantly, our children need more soon. No more thimbles of food. That felt stingy and mean-spirited to me as a community member. I was prepared to support the school board, if needed, from any rude behavior. Your popped tire won’t get us where we need to go. Schedule a negotiation that gives us all what we paid for, shiny, not broken.

Kimberly Wolfrum


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