A few weeks back, Lucky Brant wrote a letter about the intolerance of liberals. He traveled to Seattle where his car was vandalized because of a Trump sticker on his bumper. The Democrat Party, who claims to be so tolerant, is not that at all. In Portland and other leftist cities, Antifa has popped up. They will physically attack anyone who wears a MAGA hat or shows any alliance to Trump or conservatism. Antifa continues to be praised by the same Democrat politicians who condemn Israel and the Jewish people.

Local liberals are showing the same lack of tolerance to anyone who opposes them. I’m in a race for the school board position I currently hold, as well as Mike Dominguez, is in his zone. In the last week, I’ve had nine signs stolen, Mike has had four taken. That’s about $450 worth of yard signs.

I know Mike has considered moving from this area due to threats against him, his wife and children. That’s your tolerant liberal left. As we are both being challenged by extremely liberal people, the Democrats are obviously being very intolerant to our conservative values.

On the national level, it’s always the same old things. Trump and Republicans are racist, homophobes, white supremacist, want dirty air and water, and so on. The same old garbage never ends.

I am now experiencing the same thing. The liberals have gone wild on Facebook, as well as in the newspaper, twisting, spinning and exaggerating everything they can, picking little snippets of what I’ve said, taking things out of context or simply making up things out of thin air. They make it impossible to respond, as there are way too many accusations to address. Their latest is making me look like a person who hates women and kids, while they want to play the part of a victim. They are very thin-skinned people.

I make no apology for my conservative values. While working toward securing a balanced budget for our district, I do and will continue to look out for our taxpayers’ dollars, while continuing to cut waste and opposing the ridiculous demands of the unions.

I would appreciate your vote on Nov. 5.

Casey Smith


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