Every year without exception, around levy time, we hear the same old propaganda. In the Feb. 27th Free Press, letters to the editor, Jennifer Wolffing expresses her concerns that budget cuts will result in increased class sizes, cuts to art, music, P.E., sports and school concerts. I can assure you that these are all imaginary and totally without merit or credibility. There has been absolutely no talk about such cuts, actually quite the contrary. Chairman Smith has stated that such cuts are off the table and non-starters, and I fully agree. However, the friends of the union keep on with the rhetoric.

In our January meeting, a wife to a teacher who teaches one of these subjects spoke and was very concerned her husband’s job would end. She was urged to speak, I’m sure, by someone who had deceived her on the subject and had her very scared. I felt very sorry for this lady as she was taken advantage of by someone and made to feel as though her husband’s job was in jeopardy. In some cases, however, family friends, relatives or Facebook friends to union people, such as with Jennifer Wolffing, continue to spread unsubstantiated scare tactics and fear mongering. It will get worse. Be prepared to hear that buses won’t run, hot lunches will end and children will be subjected to cold classrooms with no books and 50 students per classroom. Same garbage every year.

There should be cuts, but education won’t be diminished because there is a huge difference between enriching the union and educating our kids. Stop using the children as pawns.

Casey Smith

Trustee, MVSD 244


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