This political standoff demonstrates that Congress, our states have lost all civility and is incapable of managing the country going forward. The U.S.A. will be prone to separatist movements as well as the target for political disintegration.

The Democrats are undermining government. The confrontation they staged against Kavanaugh has forever changed how government functions. Having crossed the line and having abandoned process, it is bringing down the entire establishment. Getting our way is the new strategy. Thus, having crossed the line, there is no civility remaining. Government may no longer be capable of managing anything.

Congress, the MSM, the judiciary, the radicals, they are all on psychotropics. When driving under the influence, there is no accountability to the people and process. Arrogance on steroids. Common sense abandoned only moves the nation towards greater incivility.

Michael Savage, whose motto: borders, language, culture is not his broadcast moniker. It is the nameplate of every successful nation state.

Without this understanding, decline is inevitable.

Alfred Holden

White Bird

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