I agree with the new wording of House bill 127 just passed by committee. The word change is “may” from “shall.” It would read ‘Every county may exercise the powers conferred by this chapter pursuant to section 67-6502, Idaho Code’. Private property isn’t private property unless the owner has the right and the control of his or her property.

As I’ve saved money, I have been building a shop so our family could have a bathroom and heat.  Building “codes” and inspectors, as part of their job, have notified me of a few changes ‘not up to code’ even though nothing I did hurt or would hurt anyone, except the manufacturers who I didn’t support.  One even said, ‘I don’t know why, but it’s the code and this part you are required to have is more expensive’. 

Inspectors/agencies controlling my property means it’s really not my property. It’s a great gig; they don’t have to do the physical work or pay for it.  I do. The argument is “safety,” but in too many circumstances no one is injured, laws of Mother Nature haven’t been violated. Changing the word from “shall” to “may” is a step in the right direction. 

Finally, I tire living under philanthropic tyranny of “planning.” In the name of safety, literacy, compassion, health, wages, employment, environment, “free credit,” “tax breaks,” “bail outs” and so on, philanthropic tyranny is created and justified via codes/laws, and we as citizens are required to financially support it. (They don’t survive on donations). This isn’t a harsh judgement, but an observation as nothing enters the public treasury for a program to benefit one citizen without forcefully taking by law from another citizen.  Without the aid of law, without the subsidies of law, without the wording of ‘shall’ (as in above example), these state “charities”, their authority, and (un)intended consequences of resulting tyranny would fade. 

Scott Perrin


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