Re-elect Casey Smith for Zone 2 MVSD trustee. Casey is a 4th generation native of Idaho and a 4th generation cattle rancher. Currently, Casey has 11 grandchildren attending Clearwater Valley schools. The past four years, Casey donated his time serving as school board trustee in an attempt to bring financial balance to MVSD. His goal was and still is to ensure the monies paid by the property taxpayers are spent wisely, to work with the superintendent, school administrators and teachers to ensure all MVSD students receive a quality education that will prepare them for the real world. He will advocate for more hands-on training like welding, carpentry, auto mechanics and other industrial trades so students are able to obtain employment once they graduate. Because of Casey’s moral, Christian values, he wants to protect our innocent children from outside influences like the teaching or discussing of sex education as early as kindergarten or the National Education Association that wants to introduce gender neutrality into our school system. These are topics that need to be addressed at home and not in a school setting.

Casey is an honest, trustworthy individual who is not afraid to stand up for what he believes. As a businessman, he is fully aware of the importance of balancing a budget and functioning within the boundaries of available funds. He is not intimidated by the high-pressure tactics, name-calling and frivolous demands made by the school union. Casey has fought hard to keep school levies as low as possible while still ensuring that our students are not negatively impacted.

Casey has no hidden agenda. His goal is to provide quality education to all our students and protect them from negative outside influences while continuing to monitor how monies are spent and keeping school levies as low as fiscally possible.

Vote Nov. 5, Casey Smith Zone 2 MVSD Trustee.

Mary Ann Blees


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